More info on the AY/YM Midi Synth Kit


I’ve gotten a few requests for more info about my kit.  So here is some more info until I finish writing the documentation:



  • USB MIDI Interface using usb cable.  Driver-less install in windows, will check Linux/MacOSX.
  • USB MIDI seems to work with IOS devices using the media connection kit.  Also you can use a USB->MIDI adapter and use the Hardware MIDI socket.
  • Hardware MIDI IN Interface using MIDI DIN socket.  No MIDI OUT for device chaining.
  • USB Streaming interface, I have an app that streams .ym files at the moment, but its a simple register dump so essentially one could implement tracker support.
  • Can run run from a USB power supply, like a phone charger.  Can run off of a wall wart (soldering to some normally not populated holes on pcb is required).  Can run off of batteries, should run between 4.5 and 5.5 volts so 3 aa’s or aaa’s alkaline (1.5v) packs = 4.5 volt, or 4 aa or aaa’s (1.2 volt rechargable cells) = 4.8v
  • Still working on the firmware updater, but hopefully I can get this working and push updates to the firmware.
  • MIDI — Volume and Pitchbend are supported.  Velocity can be enabled and is simulated as volume, but otherwised ignored.  Pitchbend is calculated on the fly so it should bend from + or – 1 full note.
  • MIDI notes down to 18hz (I’d have to double check) are supported.
  • YM Specifics such as envelope effects and noise control are implemented as CC commands.
  • With the latest revision, 1 channel is on the left, 1 is on the right, and 1 is center.  There is a jumper to enable mono output as well.
  • Right now multiple USB devices can be used as separate channels, but I’m trying to think of a better solution for adding more channels.
  • When will it be available ?  Soon hopefully, I’m still working on some minor details, and sourcing parts and documentation.

Let me know if there is anything else I can comment on.


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  1. You’d sell some complete assembled Ltd edition versions with a laser cut attachment with a retro pattern …

  2. Any chance of you finisher her up soon, I’m ready…lol!!!

    • Man so sorry I just let this project slip! I’m actually working on bringing this back to life REAL soon, and making a bunch of other products. If you are really ready to roll, I might be willing to give out a pre-release in turn for beta testing feedback. You in to that ? I’m going to need someone to test beyond myself.

  3. Omg yes!!! Here’s my e-mail… [Removed]. I’m happy to purchase and give you all the feedback I can…

  4. hey, would love to get one of these,

    have you considered using the AY8930?

    basically a drop in replacement for the 8912 but with 8 selectable pulsewidth settings for each voice and 32 steps of amplitude.

    • I’ve definitely considered spinning the derivatives of this chipset, including things like the YMZ294/284 or even the saa1099, then moving over to the SN76489. I honestly just need to buckle down and get what I have out, I’ve gone through a lot of revisions, right now I have a new board layout and a different pic, and I’m porting the code over from using ccs to xc8. I think I’m suffering from feature creep!

  5. Is the project alive? I want to buy or diy it.

    • Yeah it’s still alive, I’ve got the new Rev of pcs in, but since I switched microcontroller’s I’ve been redoing the code. I should have some pics up soon.

  6. I’m hoping soon, I’m fiending for this synth

  7. Could I get your PCB files? this looks doooppppeee

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