New YM Synth board

So I respun the YM Synth, I didn’t try to cram in the layout this time so its quite larger.  I moved to a larger pic, and added some leds…. The new pic doesn’t require a crystal for USB so we dropped the crystal.  Unfortunately now I have to port over all the code.


  1. Can’t wait…

  2. Hi there Superfro, any chance I can buy one 🙂 (Pretty Please!)…

    • Man its amazing how you can be so focused on building stuff and get distracted. I promise I’m going to make an effort to knuckle down and get this stuff done. I have tons of prototypes sitting in a drawer never being finished. Ugh.

  3. Hi Paul,

    What happened to this neat project? Any chances one could get a hold of one of these things? Please say yes!

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