Building a large bristle bot with my son

2013-06-30 18.47.59In the spirit of being a maker-dad, my son got this bristle-bot kit for christmas.  A little preemptive since he was only 2 and a half.  Well he is 3 now and been carrying around the box screaming robot for awhile — I thought it was time we put it together.



2013-06-30 17.57.32


He’s pretty amp’d up about putting this together.





2013-06-30 17.59.05


Tools?  Check.

The instructions were pretty loose, just kinda slap it together.  The parts were very forgiving allowing for lots of tolerance.  (Build photos in the gallery below) About 15 minutes later we were ready for our maiden voyage.



Here’s the bot’s maiden voyage.

After a little tweaking it goes more straight.  The kid will end up destroying it within 48 hours so I’m not too worried about it.

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