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Fake J-Link JTAG pod torn down

I’m always looking to expand my tool bench.  Having a previous segger product (er, sold by Atmel SAM-ICE) I looked at getting a J-Link because the SAM-ICE is cool but only works with the Atmel SAM line of products.  I can’t deny, I love eBay for electronic junk, plus there might be a used one someone is selling or one nobody used and is clearing out electronic surplus.  Well — what I found was a bunch of clones.  So I decided to go ahead and grab one, at < 20$ why not.

So here’s what you get.  Pod, 20 pin cable, usb cable, and a cd.

seggerjlinkPlugging it in.

jlink-usbOn the CD, not sure how much good it does you unless you understand what it means.

jlink-disc-screenshotOpening it up you can see a couple of parts:

AT91SAM764 – main arm processor

18.432mhz – crystal

AMS1117 – regulator

ALVC164245 x 2 – Level shifter + buffer

Also you see what a pretty ugly mess it is inside, there’s some left over flux or schmutz all over the board around the cpu.

Now I need to dig around my desk and find something to poke at, and see if it works. It enumerates, so that’s a start.