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More 3D Printer parts ordered

I ordered a bunch of stuff from Panucatt Devices, namely the Azteeg X3 controller, Helios 200 Heat bed, and a viki lcd just for fun.  I also went with the dual extruders from QU-BD, despite what I’ve read on the internet.  There are a lot of unhappy people with this extruder, i’ll try it, and if it doesn’t work out i’ll pick up something else.  I still need a power supply, I’m not sure why people are moving away from using ATX power supplies, maybe for size?

Building a 3D Printer

ord_bot_2-1-300x248I’ve been thinking of putting one together recently.  I have a Makerbot I can use at my hackerspace. But I’d like to have one at the house.  So shopping around I decided to go with the Ord Bot platform, Automation Technologies sells a good kit for the base platform but it’s missing some things like the extruder/electronics/bed.  I ordered that.  Just got my shipping notice.